Stallions Go Unbeaten at Home

Wembley Stallions beat Essex Spartans 40-14 to go all season unbeaten at home. The win puts Wembley at 7-0 with 3 games remaining.

5 Running touchdowns from Aaron Greenidge, and a receiving touchdown by Chris Treacy were the difference between the two sides.

Wembley kicked off the game, with Essex returning the ball back to their own 27-yard line. It was a quick three and out and Wembley were soon on the field, and soon on the board.

Runs from Greenidge got Wembley into the Essex half, where quarterback Lawrence Wild threw a dime straight to Treacy to get the first touchdown of the game.

Essex tried to get back into the game. Moving the ball from their own 15 up to their 37-yard line. With 4th & 2 looming Essex decided to go for it. A sack however resulted in the possession of the ball changing hands, with Wembley taking charge on the Essex 34.

Another run by Greenidge earned Wembley a first down. He was soon to add a further six points, running into the end zone on second and goal. The failed point after attempt however meant the score was 13-0.

Wembley soon had the ball back, with Dylan Flanaghan recovering the fumbled ball on the kick return. Once again, Wembley started on the Essex 34-yard line. Wembley moved the ball all the way down into the red zone before the end of the quarter.

An array of errors put all the work to waste however. A false start penalty and a sack led to 3rd & 18. It got worse when Essex picked off the ball, returning it to the Wembley 38.

For the first time in the game Essex were in the Wembley half. However, the home sides defence was on point to show why they are undoubtedly the best defence in the division, Glenn Trafford-Smith showing up with a pick of his own.

Unfortunately, another drive for Wembley ended with a pick. This time Essex took the ball all the way in for a pick six, putting the difference between the two sides a one score game.

Wembley’s special teams did a great job of returning the kick off to the Essex 45-yard line. Turnovers once again cost the home side, this time fumbling the ball, Essex recovering.

The Wembley defence however held firm and got their offence the ball back. Greenidge took the burden of the ball, running the ball on multiple downs to give Wembley a 12-point cushion.

Essex were keen to make the game a tight affair. Starting on their own 30-yard line, they ran the ball all the way down to the Wembley 1-yard line. The bunch formations were brought out by both teams, but it was Essex who got the best. Bundling the ball over the line to make it 19-13 at half time.

Wembley received the ball to start the second half. Emmanuel Olagbaju and Greenidge were once again the work horses of the Wembley offence, with the later running in for his third touchdown of the game.

Essex started on their own 35 and moved the ball well up to the Wembley 45. Another run moved the ball up to the Wembley 34 as Essex looked to once more get back in the game. Essex were eventually brought to 4th & 11 where they set up to punt the ball. It wasn’t a punt however and was a trick play, Wembley were sharp to the decoy however and Essex failed to move the chains.

Ben Lyons was next to join in being to one to carry the workload of moving the chains for Wembley, with Tom McGinty also making a crucial catch to put the ball on the Essex 12-yard line. From there Greenidge once again took charge to put another score on the board.

Going into the last quarter Essex found themselves on the Wembley 45. Essex once again fumbled the ball which was picked up by Danny Hounslow. Wembley’s running game which had been effective all day came out once again. With Kushal Upadhaya and Olagbaju moving the ball into the Essex half.

McGinty once again found himself open and made a strong catch to move down to the Essex 29. Penalties and misses throws cost Wembley once more who saw the ball turn over and Essex once again take charge, looking for a miracle to come back.

It wasn’t to be however. With Wembley once again forcing a fumble through Johann Johnson, with the drive eventually seeing Greenidge get his 5th touchdown of the day.

The game ended 40-14, with the teams due to play the reverse fixture tomorrow.


Second half comeback see’s Stallions beat Mavericks

Wembley Stallions East Kent Mavericks


Wembley Stallions came from 14-0 down at half-time to beat East Kent Mavericks 23-14 in what was considered a top of the division match up.

Sunday saw Wembley trailing by two scores after the first quarter, however two second half touchdowns by Emmanuel Olagbaju and one from Aaron Greenidge earned the Stallions the win.

A Drew Fisher sack forcing a safety was the momentum changer halfway through the 3rd quarter. Plays on special teams were also crucial in keeping Wembley firmly ahead of their rivals.

Wembley got off to a slow start in Sunday’s big clash against East Kent. Having deferred the kick off, Wembley kicked the ball to East Kent who returned the ball past the 50-yard line. Shortly after the travelling team were celebrating, with a 39-yard screen pass resulting in a touchdown. Consolation for a poor start was a field goal block, keeping the difference between the two teams at 6.

Wembley’s offence also got off to a slow start also. Only gaining one first down on their first drive because of an offside penalty. Wembley punted to East Kent’s 35-yard line, where they were held for a quick three and out.

Wembley Stallions East Kent Mavericks

The punt was bodged by East Kent and ended up on their own 23-yard line. In a good starting position, Wembley failed to capitalise, with a 15-yard penalty eventually pushing them out of field goal range.

East Kent started the drive on their own 20, and put a strong drive together working the ball all the way down to the red zone. A QB run gave East Kent their second score of the game, and a pass on a 2-point attempt was successful making the score 14-0 after the first quarter.

A pass from Art Bakmanidis to Brett Parnham earned Wembley a first down deep in the East Kent half. With nothing to lose the home side eventually went for it on 4th down, but consequently failing to convert.

After holding out the East Kent offense once more, Wembley looked to put a scoring drive together before half time. However, the drive came to a halt after an interception turned possession back over to East Kent with the clock hitting 0:00.

Both teams failed to put together a strong opening offensive drive at the start of the second half. Wembley’s second possession of the quarter saw the ball ran down all the way to the goal-line where Wembley wouldn’t fail to ground and pound the ball in over the 4 downs, leading to East Kent taking over on their own goal-line.

The turning point in the game came moments later, when Fisher forced a safety, sacking the East Kent quarterback.

Wembley Stallions East Kent Mavericks

After returning the placekick Wembley made another trip into the red zone. Another penalty against the offense seemed to hinder the drive once again, but a well-placed pass out wide by Bakmanidis put Wembley on 1st and goal, where Greenidge plough his way into the end zone for Wembley’s first touchdown, putting the score within 5-points.

After keeping East Kent to another three and out, and returning the punt to the East Kent 48, Wembley put themselves in a strong position to start the 4th quarter.

After working the ball further down field, the ball was eventually handed into the arms of Olagbaju who steamrolled through the East Kent defence for a 21-yard rushing touchdown, putting Wembley in the lead for the first time in the game.

The tide in the game switched even more when a short kick off by Nick Glenday was caught by a Seb Pettican, halfway in the East Kent half. This time however, Wembley failed to score any points.

East Kent gained possession on their own 21-yard line. A 5-yard penalty against the offence and another sack on the East Kent quarterback pushed the away side back to their own 11. Noise from the side-line erupted with East Kent looking to punt the ball away on 4th down. The noise caused confusion amongst the East Kent players, with the punter kicking the ball laterally, going out of bounds on the 6-yard line.

Olagbaju soon earned his second touchdown of the game, running in once again, this time from 6-yards. The converted field goal gave Wembley a 23-14 lead with the clock running low.

Wembley Stallions East Kent Mavericks

East Kent would need to put together two scoring drives if they were to take the win, and an unnecessary roughness penalty on Wembley gave East Kent 15 yards, moving the ball up to the 40-yard line.

The following play looked to have put the game out of sight, when a swatted pass fell into the arms of Rickel Ricketts, with the linebacker running the ball all the way into the end zone, however a flag on the field called the play back for a push in the back.

The ball was placed all the way back at the 50. A couple of successful runs ran the clock down even further before another interception gave East Kent the ball.

Flags thrown on the field became on common occurrence on the drive. To start with an offside gave East Kent 5-yards, then the ball went back 5-yards after a false start on the offence. A holding call the Stallions and an offensive pass interference soon saw East Kent go for it 4th and 21. Somewhere amongst all of this, the 2-minute warning.

After holding out East Kent and running the clock down, Wembley held on to win 23-14, beating their main rivals for the division title, as well as moving to a record of 2-0.

Wembley Stallions vs Essex Spartans in photos

A big thank you to Stallions fan Paul Borzone for his fantastic photos of Sunday’s win against the Essex Spartans. Thanks for supporting us and looking forward to having you join us at our next game! 5-0!

U.K. Gridiron 13

4 days to go! Wembley Stallions v Essex Spartans

On Sunday, 12th of June, the Wembley Stallions (4-0) will be taking on the Essex Spartans at home.

Kick off 2pm. £2 entry. U16 free. Match day programme and BBQ.

The game will be held at The Ranch, Hussain Close, Greenford Road, HA1 3Q

Wembley Stallions’ first ever U17’s home tournament

Our first ever home tournament for the U17’s.
Today we hosted the London Warriors, East Kent Mavericks and the London Blitz in a 5-a-side contact tournament.

The first ever games for the Youth team under Head Coach Kenny Blake. Unfortunately the Stallions could not must a win but they played really well and held experienced teams to close scores until experience and injury made their presence felt.

Round 1

  • Wembley Stallions 13 – London Warriors 16
  • London Blitz 22 – East Kent Mavericks 20

Round 2

  • Wembley Stallions 15 – London Blitz 21
  • London Warriors 26 – East Kent Mavericks 43

Round 3

  • Wembley Stallions 0 – East Kent Mavericks 34
  • London Blitz 42 – London Warriors 6

For the Stallions everyone played really well. Big shout out to Andre Neves playing at WR and filling in at QB in the final game. Cyrus Bourne and Pratik Ramesh. All others played out of their skins.

More details to follow but all the Stallions management wish to thank all the helpers, medics and others.

Wembley Stallions vs London Blitz B in photos

A big thank you to Stallions fan Paul Borzone for his fantastic photos of yesterday’s win against London Blitz B. Thanks for supporting us and looking forward to having you join us at our next game!

Stallions game day – Wembley Stallions vs London Blitz B

The Wembley Stallions brought home another win against London Blitz B yesterday. Final score 33-15. Well done Stallions and a big thank you to the side-line and fans who came to show support. 4 wins!

The Stallions will be playing their next game on the 12th of June at home when Essex Spartans will be coming to The Ranch. Kickoff will be 14:00. Come show your support.

Stallions game day – Wembley Stallions vs Essex Spartans

The Wembley Stallions took on and beat Essex Spartans last Saturday. Final score 32-13. Well done Stallions and a big thank you to the sideline and fans who came to show support. 3 wins!

The Stallions will be playing their next game on Sunday (15th of May) at home when London Blitz B will be coming to The Ranch. Kickoff will be 14:00. Come show your support.

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Many thanks to Mikey Cartwright for allowing us to use the photos.


Stallions game day – Wembley Stallions vs Ipswich Cardinals

The Wembley Stallions took on and beat Ipswich Cardinals today. Final score 17-6. Well done Stallions and a big thank you to the sideline and fans who came to show support. 2 wins!

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