Substance Abuse in the NFL

7631636_origBy Coach Will ‘Chino’ Downing

Larrestedet us start off with two phrases that seem to go together: ‘Criminal Activity’ & ‘NFL Player’. The truth is the NFL produces far less criminals than the rest of the US population within a similar demographic. That demographic is 26 year old males (the average rostered NFL player is this age) who are on an average wage of $1.9million. It would seem that the NFL, amidst other historical allegations of corruption, cheating, racism, sexism, profiteering and fickle ignorance of basic science, at least fosters a superior moral compass for its players than the average American workplace. As I say, despite the historical allegations of corruption, cheating, racism, sexism, profiteering and fickle ignorance of basic science. Yes, despite those things… Continue reading Substance Abuse in the NFL


Wembley Stallions Under 19’s update

UNDER 19’s withdraw from league to protect the growth of youth and junior football at the Wembley Stallions.

The future of the Stallions is being rapidly secured with the development of two teams at the youth and junior level.
Their are several levels of youth play in British American football.


U12 Flag


U17 Flag

U17 Contact


U19 Flag

U19 Contact

Currently, the entire youth programme for the Stallions is centred around contact football. The U17’s are fast approaching their rookie season with their first competitive matches being a tournament we are hosting on May 21st. 

The U19’s play a 9 v 9 version of the game which is only different from the game played by their Senior team in having two less linemen. Athletes aged 16 to 18 can play on the team and the Stallions run a “coach all” policy where all the 15 coaches of the club help prepare the athletes in every team. Players themselves can take part in any training session, even with the adult athletes. “Of course, restrictions are observed when it comes to contact.” said club head coach, Warren Smart, “but the desire is to prepare all our athletes in the right way from the start of their journey to wherever it takes them”.

Joining the club is simple. Just turn up. The only thing new athletes need is football boots, a gum shield and sports clothing including a shirt to put over the shoulder pads. Pads and helmets are available to borrow.

Coach Blake is the head coach of the youth and junior programme, working with coach Smart. “Under 19 football is a great place for young men and women to develop, not only athletically, but also as young people and as much work goes into developing characters as it does athletes” said an enthusiastic coach Blake. “We don’t put barriers on who can be a Stallion, and we have invited Delta Npuna from the women’s team to join the U19’s”.

16 year old Ghulam Jami has trained with the club since its inception. “I really enjoy the training and I have learned so much” he said. “It’s even helped with my school work. Before whenever I struggled, I just got stuck and frustrated. Football has taught me how to break down topics and the things I have to learn into parts and put it together. Football real does teach life stuff”.

“It’s never too late to start and we want to hit certain roster targets to ensure success”. Coach Smart informed The Stampede. “We weren’t getting consistent attendances at training for the U19’s and the right decision was to hold off until we were really comfortable with the set up of the squad. We respect our league opponents and didn’t want to expose them to the risk we might have to cancel games late in the day leaving them with unnecessary costs”.

You can join the team by turning up to training, or contact Coach Smart on the details below:


Wednesday 6-8pm

Saturday 9:30am-1:00pm


The Ranch, 

136 Greenford Road,

Hussain Close, 

Coach Smart


M: 07957 424218