Stallions slay Sabres in 63-0 win

A dominant ran game sealed victory for the Wembley Stallions over East Essex Sabres to put the Stallions at 5-0. 63-points was the difference between the two sides, with touchdowns from Junior Ejehu x3, Ben Lyons x2, Tom McGinty, Casey Walker, Glenn Trafford-Smith and Emmanuel Olagbaju. It was the fourth shutout of the season for the Wembley defence, on a day which also saw the defence put 6 up on the board, as well as forcing an astonishing 8 turnovers in total. EIGHT!

East Essex started the game with a quick three and out, whilst Wembley set the tone with their effective run game. Ejehu set up the Stallions first scoring opportunity with a 39-yard run and was given the ball again to run the last six yards to put Wembley in front. Quick thinking from Lawrence Wild saw a fumbled snap on the extra point, thrown for 2-points.

These series of plays were repeated, with East Essex suffering another three and out, before Wembley put on another scoring drive. Lyons bursting through running 50-yards to increase the Wembley lead, followed by a successful conversion putting the score at 15-0. Momentum could have shifted when the Sabres were gifted 20 yards due to the Stallions being penalised for a face mask grab, the defence consequently lining up in midfield. East Essex started to move the chains, but fumbled the ball, which was recovered on the 37-yard line by Wembley.

Wembley once again put a strong drive together, with Ejehu once again featuring heavily over the drive, capping it off with a 4-yard touchdown. East Essex once again put together a strong drive, but were once again left without points as the Wembley defence turned up the pressure, resulting in Trafford-Smith picking off the ball. A throw to Carl James put Wembley in strong field position. From there on Lyons moved the ball, running to the opposition 36-yard line, before slipping out the backfield to receive a dump-off pass to run in for Wembley’s fourth touchdown of the first quarter.

At the start of the second quarter the score was 29-0 to Wembley. East Essex once again looked to put a strong drive together. But were eventually held on a 4th down attempt in the red zone. Wembley soon put another score on the board. With a pin-point throw finding McGinty to extend the lead.

East Essex once again saw the ball turnover, with Alex Callum being the one to intercept the Quarterbacks attempted throw deep in the East Essex half. Wembley thought they had another touchdown on the return, however a penalty called the defensive touchdown back.

East Essex finally had something to cheer about, stopping a Wembley drive seeing points put up on the board, with a field goal attempt hitting the post. Another turnover by the Wembley defence saw a fumble recovered, and once again deep in the East Essex half. This time Wembley took advantage, with Walker making the catch, putting the score at 43-0 before the half.

Oh yeah. Did I mention Wembley intercepted the ball once more on defence before half time? This time by Kwame Sarfo. At the half, the officials brought in the mercy rule and a rolling clock.

Wembley started the second half off poorly, with penalties eventually forcing the home side into punting the ball to the East Essex 13-yard line. The defence were on hand however to provide another turnover and another touchdown. Trafford-Smith getting his second interception of the game, taking it to the house to make the score 49-0. Another poor snap and a scrambled throw saw the score remain at 49-0.

It wasn’t long before Wembley picked off the ball once again. (How many times have I typed that word?) With defensive back Seb Pettican joining in on the fun. This took the game into the 4th quarter, where Wembley were quick to insure their first 50-burger of the season, with running back Olagbaju running the ball in for a 19-yard touchdown. The game was capped off in routine fashion. Wembley intercepted the ball, with another by Sarfo, the Wembley offence moved the chains, and Ejehu put another 6 points on the scoresheet, leaving the game at 63-0. Just to summarise on the events. 8 offensive touchdowns, 1 defensive touchdown, and 8 defensive takeaways.

I think I’m going to call this Wembley defence ‘British Airways’, because opposing teams don’t look like they’ll be flying anytime soon.


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