Cardinals crushed as Stallions storm to 1-0 record

Wembley Stallions Ipswich Cardinals

Wembley Stallions stormed to a 1-0 record after beating Ipswich Cardinals 42-0 on the opening day of the 2017 season.

Three rushing touchdowns from Aaron Greenidge, two from Junior Ejehu and a receiving touchdown from Brett Parnham helped ease Wembley to an opening day win.

After winning the coin toss, Wembley decided to defer allowing Ipswich to make the first move on offence. Ipswich gained little yardage on their first drive and punted the ball to Wembley who returned the ball to midfield.

Shortly afterwards Wembley took the lead after a long run by Greenidge found the end zone, the resulting field goal converted.

Ipswich responded with a strong drive, a deep pass finding their way into the red zone. Ipswich were then gifted an extra few yards after a face mask penalty was called on Wembley. Ipswich were now 12 yards from the end zone, however a poor hand off led to a fumble, which Wembley recovered. Ipswich wouldn’t come across a better scoring chance all game.

On the resulting drive Art Bakmanidis connected with Nick Glenday for a 30-yard reception. After running the ball into scoring position, Bakmanidis found Parham for Wembley’s second touchdown. The field goal this time, unsuccessful.

As the quarter came to an end, Wembley held Ipswich to a quick three and out, with the ball being returned to the 45-yard line after the punt. A great catch by Tom McGinty got Wembley down to the 9-yard line. Shortly after Greenidge ran in for his second touchdown.

Wembley then pulled out the trick plays, with a fake field goal seeing McGinty catch the ball in the end zone for a 2-point conversion making the score 21-0.

Ipswich were once again forced to punt despite putting together a rather productive drive. Wembley were quick to put some distance between themselves and the visiting team, running the ball down the field, with Ejehu eventually taking it in for 6 points.

The woes continued for Ipswich who were once again forced to a three and out after some great pressure by the Wembley defence on the quarterback. After receiving the ball back, it took the Wembley offence two plays to get the 5th touchdown of the game.

Wembley could have easily added more points before the half, having worked the ball down the field thanks to another big reception from Glenday. Complacency may have seeped into the team however, seeing a fumble on the snap which was recovered by Bakmanidis, and then an interception thrown the play after.

35-0 up at halftime saw the officials bring in the Mercy rule. Meaning the second half would see a continuous rolling clock unless Ipswich scored.

The second half started slower, Wembley being held to punt the ball after a false start pushed them further away from the first down marker. Ipswich once again were held to a three and out.

A call from the officials looked to displease the Wembley side line. With Bakmanidis rushing for what looked like a first down. However, the officials spotted the ball 2 yards short of the first down. Bakmanidis rushed once more this time gaining a first down after rushing out of the bootleg. Wembley however couldn’t put more points on the board after another false start hindered their chances.

As the game headed into the 4th quarter Wembley were gifted their 6th touchdown. After a poor punt from Ipswich saw the ball end up on their own 28-yard line, Wembley were in prime position to score.

The first play of the drive saw Ejehu run 31 yards to the end zone. Ipswich tried to score late on, going for it on 4th down on the Wembley 30. An unsuccessful pass however saw a change of possession, and by the time Wembley were out on the field, the whistle had blown.


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